MIET AIR gives sculptors and artists all the space and opportunity in a stimulating and inspiring environment during a short or long stay to gain inspiration and knowledge .

MIET AIR is a private initiative and is completely independent from subsidies which could inhibit creativity and development of the artists. In an inspiring natural setting professional sculptors can devote themselves entirely to experiment, to transfer knowledge and nurture their creativity as well as working together. An artist at MIET AIR can look for new ways, work on developments and push the limits. 

MIET AIR focuses on sculptors and artists who create three-dimensional art. Especially for this group it is difficult to work outside their own workshop because of the materials, tools and equipment that are needed. Artists from other disciplines are also welcome if not all pavilions and apartments are occupied.

At MIET AIR you will have a pleasant stay and a well-equipped workshop. Within As artist at MIET AIR you can work in stone, bronze, metal, ceramics and glass. The initiators of MIET AIR have a lot of knowledge about bronze and the entire casting process of bronze. as artist atMIET AIR you can stay up to a maximum of six months. 

MIET AIR also organises workshops 'sculptures in bronze’ on a regular basis. These workshops are for amateur artists or people who like to learn about the art of making statues in bronze. 

Twice a year, the initiators of MIET AIR open the site to the public and organise exhibitions.